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Med Traditionell Kinesisk Medicin behandlas:

  • Oregelbunden menstruationscykel
  • Dysmenorré (smärta i samband med menstruation)
  • Endometrios
  • PCOS
  • Mellanblödningar
  • Amenorré (utebliven menstruation)
  • Ömma bröst
  • Klåda, flytningar m.m.



夫女子十四天癸至,腎氣全盛,沖流任通,血漸盈,應時而下,常以三旬一見,愆期者病,故謂之經候。 Now in girls at the age of fourteen [suì], the tiān guǐ arrives, the kidney qì is complete and exuberant, the Chōngmài flows and the Rènmài penetrates, and the blood gradually fills up. At the appropriate time, it descends, normally appearing once every three cycles of ten days. If it passes beyond this fixed period, it indicates a pathology. Therefore it is called “menstrual period.

- Nü Ke Bai Wen 女科百問 (Qí Zhòngfǔ 齊仲甫, 1220 CE): Question 5: 何以謂之經候? What Is It That We Refer to As “Menstrual Period”?